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Professional Summary

So, if you read about me, by now you already know that I'm working for a Blockchain based company called Input Output Global, our goal is to bank the unbanked and deliver a Digital Identity to all the people in the world. Obvs we need to make some money so we also sell Blockchain based services in order to help companies overcome their challenges.

Before Blockchain technologies, I was working at Vodafone, developing digital products and services, my main goal was to co-create intuitive customer journeys and improve the current ones to give a good customer experience on my Vodafone app. For example, if you wanted to pay your bill, had a problem with one of your services, needed to update your personal data, subscribe to Netflix or wanted to track your purchase order.... well... we (my Squad and I) made it easy for you!.

I also have experience in different areas such as sales, logistics & international trade, marketing, customer service, customer experience and customer loyalty, so I always try to bring the customer's point of view in every product/development I work on (I put myself in the customer's shoes).

For more Hard & Soft skills please check following section ;) .

Considering my experience and that I have lived and worked remotely from different cities (today i'm updating this from Japan  - March 31st, 2023), I must say that I have a huge adaptation capacity, I'm proactive, creative, collaborative, with extreme accountability and ownership, initiative driven, data driven, process improver and focused on delivering positive customer engagement.

Scrum/agile framework practitioner

My forever phrase: Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

Hard & Soft Skills

User experience (UX)   Customer Loyalty Customer service  CustomeExperience MS package Sales Marketing Pipeline managment  Logistics  CRM   Agile/Scrum  Campaign Chat GPT Management  Digital marketing Google analytics Jira & Confluence  Zeplin  Adaptability  Solidarity  Empathy  Humble Respectful Grateful Brave Responsible Leadership Blockchain   Project Management Product Management

Work Experience


Product Owner for Blockchain governance:

  1. Analyze preferences and requests of end users, track product OKRs/KPI’s, evaluate the success and make recommendations for improvements. Incorporate feature requests into product roadmap.

  2. Agile squad: Refine and prioritize backlog, develop user stories, and define acceptance criteria, set sprint goals, participate on sprint review, plan releases and upgrades. Set sprint goals, participate on sprint review, plan releases and upgrades. Follow progress of work and address production issues during sprints.

  3. Work with external partners to implement new technologies and solutions.

  4. Refine the company's agile methodology based on results and client feedback.

  5. Work with product managers, delivery team and tech leadership towards common goals.

  6. Own a tactical plan and work closely with cross-functional teams from across the company to understand business objectives and develop innovative solutions to meet them.

  7. Present developed solution to the internal stakeholders.

  8. Keep track of blockchain and AI industry trends.

  9. Squad: Governance squad for blockchain voting mechanisms to incentivize community participation

For complete work experience and recommendations, add me to your linkedin!  



IEBS Online School

Master´s degree in Product Management & UX


IEBS Online School

Master´s degree in Digital Marketing & Online Strategy


ESIC Business & Marketing School

Master´s degree in Marketing Management


Uniremington de Medellín

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and International Trade

Side Job

(Non profit)

Content manager & website administrator at: 

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