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My Aim is to 
be an Agent of

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This is me

Born and raised as Colombiana ;). I am from Cali the city of salsa dancing, moved to Bogotá after college, lived there for a few years and then I decided to experience the "expat" life in Madrid, Spain.

I have always searched for jobs that have a meaning or impact on peoples life so:

In Colombia for almost 11 years, I used to earn my living by connecting companies and consumers to their products, thanks to the international trade & logistics industry.

When I moved to Spain, for about 8 years, one of my personal OKRS was to connect people to the world,  yup I worked in a Telecommunications company.

And Since Nov 2021, my main work motivation is to bank the unbanked by working on one of the most successful, sustainable and secure Proof of stake Blockchain.

Learned English by myself, now trying to do the same with Portuguese and French!

Feeling half Colombian Half Spanish. (Have both passports hahaha!)

Agent of change: I am working on improving my skills and abilities, both personal and work, to become a person capable of positively influencing people around me.

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Sometimes In my spare time i like to create funny collages of momments spent with friends to give them a good memory of us 

Im a Meme lover, so i like to recreate funny pictures of my friends, usually I do it for birthdays and farewells, so we will always remember the nice time we have spent together

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